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Smart CPA

Accounting Outsourcing

An ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013 certified company outsourcing exclusive solutions for Accounting & Finance for a diverse range of industries. CapActix brings businesses to the next level by making its functioning smooth & efficient.


CapActix is a customer-centric environment; serving their clientele with excellence and keeping the accounting & finance sectors neat and transparent. They incorporate one’s business with the latest technology and innovations for making accounting better and investing in the resources that build a powerful foundation for any organization. CapActix also provides expert tax preparation services for US businesses. 

Payroll Services

Frustrated with running Payroll? Don't worry we got you covered. GetPayroll is one of the only small business payroll services to have a U.S. Tax Court Practitioner on staff. They offer a 100% error-free processing guarantee. Plus, you get a dedicated payroll services specialist to help you with any issues. 
Get More from your Payroll, so you have time to focus on your business. Try them risk-free for 2 Months! No Long-Term Contracts. No Credit Card required. 

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Accounting Practice Sales

The New Clients, Inc. Practice Sales Program can find a qualified buyer for you. NCI has the experience and the contacts to help you take down the “for sale” sign on your accounting practice in a relatively short amount of time.

The Practice Sales program evolved from NCI's years of experience in dealing with professional accountants, CPAs, tax preparation businesses and accounting practices all over the United States. As NCI worked with their clients they realized there was a need for professional practice sales that was not being properly met.

New Clients, Inc. has helped thousands of accountants develop their accounting practices via our successful accounting practice marketing programs. Over time many of these accountants have turned to NCI to put their practice up for sale. Hence, NCI began developing accounting practice sales experience and building a network of potential buyers nationwide.

Interested in CPA Practice Sales?  Click below:

Smart Alliance Premium

Tandem Head LLC and New Clients, Inc. are also excited to announce cooperation in providing premium CPA introductions as part of our Smart Alliance product, as well as offering CPA's the full breadth of NCI's resources, including the Online Sales and Marketing Academy, Client Acquisition Program, and Accounting Practice Sales.

Learn more about Tandem Head Smart Alliance:

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