Growth through Strategic Alliances

Talk to Tandem Head Consulting LLC  today about our Professional Alliance Network that matches Financial Service Organizations across multiple disciplines to create a dynamic and mutually beneficial partnership that builds trust through transparency.  Our program will drive growth with turnkey solutions that do not disrupt your core business.

Smart Alliance Subscribers

Creating Partnerships between Financial Representatives and Accounting & Tax Professionals


Turbocharge your business with actionable information on potential Alliance Partners, and a technology backbone to serve as the foundation of your relationships.  Tandem Head Smart Alliance facilitates these relationships by identifying the most constructive relationship targets and enabling client sharing in a proactive team-based environment with your chosen Alliance Partners.  Let Smart Alliance match you with the perfect partners to become your Trusted Centers of Influence for years to come, and enhance the Value Proposition of your Agency.


Tandem Head Smart Alliance offers:

  • Easily configurable and searchable database of premium Alliance Partner targets

  • Multiple program affiliation and relationship models

  • Territory can be purchased by anyone by city or county


The Tandem Head Smart Alliance database provides access to over 200,000  Tax and Accounting professionals, including:

  • Segmented information by county or city

  • County-by-county and city-by-city analytics and scoring


In order to effectively work with high-value Alliance Partners, the Smart Alliance solution provides easily accessible avenues for the registered representatives to provide premium services beneficial to their practices by providing expertise in investing and planning areas, while still maintaining the Alliance Partner as the focus and center of influence and increase their revenue per client without increasing their workload.  Our technology software provides the backbone of improving and updating their existing client files, while identifying additional planning activities.


The Smart Alliance platform can be optimized for capturing sought after small business clients, or used to grow your producer group by providing extensive warm leads for junior advisors.  Smart Alliance will also integrate affiliating Alliance Partners directly into the broker dealer and investment advisor business models.


Smart Alliance Premium

Tandem Head LLC and New Clients, Inc. are excited to announce cooperation in providing Smart Alliance Premium to existing Smart Alliance subscribers.  

Where a potential match is identified between a Tandem Head Smart Alliance subscriber and our New Clients, Inc. partners network, Tandem Head facilitates discussions between the parties until an agreement is completed. Upon completion of a referral or solicitation agreement, an flat fee will be assessed depending on the size of the deal and relative parties. Once set, these relationships are managed by the state of the art Tandem Head Smart Alliance process infrastructure.

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