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Unleash your Potential

Do you find yourself spending too much time working on advertising pieces or website updates instead of actively selling?  Contact Tandem Head Consulting regarding our Smart Marketing service.  Let us build your arsenal of marketing and advertising assets to support your sales initiatives.

Smart Marketing Program

Smart Marketing support is comprised of multiple specialties, including the development and creation of graphics, advertising, and other creative writing services.

Have you struggled to budget time to create your key marketing pieces, or developing custom forms for your business? Smart Marketing offers affordable rates with Financial Services-specific experience in marketing and compliance.

Creative Writing

Creative writing can be a frustrating endeavor, particularly if the project is of a significant length. Just getting started can be daunting. Smart Marketing can develop these long form creative writing pieces for you at a reasonable price point.

Email Templates

Are you looking for professional email templates for a client newsletter, or other ongoing communications with your clients? Staying in constant contact, with regular touchpoints is key to
maintaining these relationships.

Website Updates

Updating websites with current information can be time consuming, but is absolutely essential in keeping your practice and brand interesting and current.



Is your logo or other marketing assets starting to look old and tired? Looking for a slight refresh, or a whole new direction? Smart Marketing can modernize your existing marketing assets, or provide you with ideas for potential new directions to take your branding.


Marketing Pieces

Are there mailings or other advertising campaigns that you would like to undertake, but run out of time to complete? If you have a basic idea for what you want to do, Smart Marketing can push your project over the finish line.

Form Building

Would you like to build fillable PDFs to improve your processing? Smart Marketing can develop Questionnaires, Factfinders, or other data-gathering documents for use in your office or practice, with professional branding consistent with your existing marketing assets.


Special Projects

Many other projects can be undertaken by Smart Marketing on an ad hoc basis. Smart Marketing will review your project requirements, determine if they agree to take on the work, and will negotiate the terms of service, including possible billable hours, hourly rate, or by piece. Contact us today for a free quote!

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