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Practice Management Consulting Options

Home of the SMART PRACTICE Package

Do you need help with a specific practice issue, or have you hit the wall and need a comprehensive review of your practice?  Our process champions collaboration and innovation to ensure we not only understand the core needs of clients, but also help them implement practical solutions.

Tandem Head offers you three consultative options to perfectly align our services with your needs. Maybe you're in growth mode and need assistance getting to the next level? SMART Practice Solutions can help. If you are thinking about selling your practice and want to maximize the value of your existing book? Tandem Head can offer you a tailored solution for that goal as well. Why go through a comprehensive overview when you only have one specific challenge?  Tandem Head also offers stand alone segmentation analysis options.

We offer more than theory, we can actually assist you in the nuts and bolts tasks needed to effect change in your practice.

3 Gears


How much is your time worth? Tandem Head Consulting LLC solves each client’s issues by providing a comprehensive approach backed by years of in the trenches experience. Tandem Head Consulting will work in TANDEM with to review four key categories of your practice:

  1. Technology

  2. Human Interactions

  3. Operational Infrastructure

  4. Compliance Risk

©SMART Segmentation

What should you be focusing on? Your main focus needs to be taking care of your existing clients and keeping your sales pipeline full.  Why jeopardize a sale by spending hours trying to take care of back office logistical problems? If you need to add a user, delete a user or remember how to turn on rights permissions, what do you do? Do you have the time to call the vendor or hope your designated admin knows how to solve the problem. Now there is a solution for you?

Outsource your SMARTOFFICE ADMIN function to Tandem Head Consulting.  Eliminate the hassle of managing your SMARTOFFICE instance, and the risk of support turnover to your bottom line by partnering with Tandem Head Consulting. 

Crowd of People

©SMART Succession

Let Tandem Head Consulting assist you in preparing your practice to be successfully sold. Gone are the days of handing your successor a shoe box full of yellow cards.  Show potential buyers you are handing over the keys to a well-oiled practice.  Your clients may have been with your for decades and they also deserve a smooth transition. You only get one opportunity to maximize a lifetime of your hard won efforts.

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