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Estate Planning

No matter what you individual financial situation, you can benefit from estate planning. A properly implemented estate plan will assist you in leaving more to those dearest to you. The plan can achieve that goal by reducing taxes and minimizing the likelihood of litigation and other unnecessary expenses, thus providing you with peace of mind.  

If an unfortunate event should take place, such as an unexpected death or illness, a suitable estate plan will ensure that both your property and assets will be distributed according to your predetermined wishes. For all the reasons stated above, estate planning is a vital component to any comprehensive financial plan.

premium financing

pledged collateral funding
While traditional premium financing has been around for a long time, our "institutional" model allows both liquid and illiquid assets to be used as collateral for lending at rates far below what the retail market can offer. This model provides you with the opportunity to secure the large insurance plans you need for estate planning, succession planning and deferred compensation at significantly reduced expense and without out-of-pocket costs.

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