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Tax laws have changed, but your giving power doesn't have to. Learn ways to help maximize your impact on important causes.

Incorporating philanthropic giving into your financial plan is a great way to make a meaningful impact in your community and support causes that are important to you. Here are some steps you can take to get started:

Define your giving goals: Determine what causes you're passionate about and what type of impact you want to make. This will help you choose the right charities or organizations to support.
Create a giving budget: Decide how much money you're comfortable giving and create a budget that aligns with your financial goals. Research charities and organizations: Research different charities and organizations that align with your giving goals and values. Look for organizations with a strong track record of impact and transparency.

Choose a giving vehicle: There are many ways to give, including cash donations, stock donations, donor-advised funds, and charitable trusts. Choose a giving vehicle that aligns with your financial goals and tax situation.
Get involved: Consider volunteering your time and skills to organizations you support. This can be a great way to make a difference and build relationships with organizations you care about.
Some options for making a meaningful impact in your community include donating to local charities, supporting community-based programs, volunteering at local organizations, and creating or joining giving circles. Giving circles are groups of individuals who pool their resources to make a larger impact on a specific cause or community. They can be a great way to collaborate with others and make a meaningful impact.

Remember that philanthropic giving is a personal choice and should be aligned with your values, goals, and financial situation. It's important to research charities and organizations before giving and choose giving vehicles that align with your goals and values.

High-Net-Worth Clients Solutions

Individuals or families with substantial assets and unique financial needs

For Substantial Net Worth Clients:

We amplify their existing philanthropic giving capacity, without negatively impacting their personal or business balance sheet.

In other words, we help you give more.

To accomplish this, we will rely on your professional expertise in the process. These folks remain your clients, not ours. They brag about you, not us, at their country clubs and to their friends and family members.

The vast majority of attorneys we work with will be deeply experienced in Estate Planning. Our CPA firms will be significantly focused on pro-active business tax planning and succession planning.

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