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Strategic Alliances Enhance Your Practice


Talk to Tandem Head Financial Services LLC  today about our Professional Alliance Network that matches Financial Service Organizations across multiple disciplines to create a dynamic and mutually beneficial partnership that builds trust through transparency.  Our program will drive growth and collaboration with turnkey solutions that do not disrupt your core business.

Creating Partnerships with Estate Attorneys, CPAs/Accounting, EAs/Tax Professionals, Bookkeepers, Payroll Companies & Medicare Agents/Agencies


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Business Valuations

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Signing up as a Smart Alliance Partner will increase the services and solutions available to you and your clients. By partnering with Tandem Head Smart Alliance, you have the opportunity to proactively respond to client needs, and offer them a consolidated forum to address any and all needs contingencies before they even occur. In today’s fast-paced environment, and with additional competition moving into the CPA and bookkeeping spaces all the time, a reactive business model isn’t enough.


As a trusted resource, your input in all client decisions is integral to their overall financial well-being. Your alliance with us will only strengthen that relationship.


Your alignment with Smart Alliance may provide your clients access to advice on many additional products and services, including but not limited to:

  • Retirement Accounts (IRA, SAR/SEP, etc.)

  • Life Insurance and Key Man Insurance for Businesses

  • 401(k) Plans

  • 529 Products and College Planning

  • Estate Planning

  • Mutual Funds and Brokerage Accounts

AVAILABLE JUNE 2024 Social Security Educational ZOOMS for your client base


Smart Alliance allows you to retain your independence and focus on your core business, while

allowing your clients to access the extensive financial services that are available through our hand-picked network of professionals. You will maintain full control of your client relationships, and continue to be the trusted, objective counselor to your clients.

You can add an entire team of experts to your staff without adding any new costs. A team of qualified professionals, available at any time, to help solve your client’s most difficult problems. The alliance program may also provides you with the ability to diversify your business offerings, and significantly increase, your revenue stream through the many flexible options available for you to partner with Smart Alliance.

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